See you later 🐊, after while 🐊. Saying goodbye to our staged houses can be tough, especially the special ones! Thank goodness the brilliant minds behind this reno are already tearing down walls in the next one. 🔨 🐊 🔨 #carousellingit #stagingworks #goodbyefornow #palmerhouse #renovationlife


This is designed for the empty house. We specialize in thoughtfully chosen furnishings from our own extensive inventory to enhance your homes unique features, inside and out. We study the market in your neighborhood, and install a design that will engage your target buyer and set your property apart from the other listings.



This is suited for sellers who will be living in their home while on the market. We use items you already own and supplement them with items from our Carousel inventory to create a professional, desirable feel that appeals to your buyer. This service is tailored to your specific need: we can completely furnish that one room you’ve never really used, or sprinkle accessories throughout the whole property to make sure your listing is warm and cohesive to buyers.



This appointment will take the stress out of selling your home. In just an hour or so, our professional Carousel team member will walk with you, room by room, guiding simple yet strategic changes. We know it can be overwhelming to “depersonalize” and “declutter”. Our consults include support with furniture placement, accessory edits, paint and fixture recommendations, and curb appeal enhancements. Homeowners love our comfortable approach, and realtors love that our consults support their sales goals, and add another professional layer to their listing package.